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Drox Operative - Preview @

by Dhruin, 2012-08-12 02:51:42

Soldak's spacey action/RPG Drox Operative has been previewed at

Although Drox Operative is still largely built upon familiar action-RPG mechanics, your overall goal is a more strategic one, and not so much the expected endless grind to square off against a final boss monster. (Don’t worry, there are still plenty of things to murder and rob in the endless loot pursuit).

And you aren’t a hero; you’re just a greedy, selfish pig. Your ultimate goal is to ally yourself with the strongest alien race in the game. To that end you may need to help shift or defend the balance of power occasionally—which usually means siding with (and helping) whoever is kicking the most butt. 

While we're on Drox, the beta has reached v0.914.

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Drox Operative

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