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Drox Operative - Races Update

by Dhruin, 2012-02-16 23:00:37

Soldak has released an overview on two more races in their upcoming space-y RPG, Drox Operative. Here's on of the two:


The only type of Talon on amiable terms with the Dryad are the frigate sized Storm. Its body is cylindrical with a narrow crest and two rear spikes. They attack prey and other dangers by harnessing vast electric-like energy into lightning cannons. They prefer living in the inner section of solar systems and feed primarily from sunlight.

Storm are the only Talon who mate in monogamous pairs. Though the females are smaller and more aggressive, both genders are playful within family groups. Mothers birth live ships, and other often younger females help raise and protect the young.

One of the most unusual features of Storm is their willingness to help several other species of Talon (Lasher, Flame, Claw, and Swarm) by towing injured vessels to resources and saving their lives. They are intelligent creatures and keep away from potentially dangerous Talon like Quake, Ghost and the larger Tide. Storm are quick to attack and hard to kill. They rarely interfere with other Talon or Dryad fights, but will tenaciously defend their own kind.

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