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Drox Operative - Review @ GameBanshee

by Myrthos, 2012-12-24 23:33:49

GameBanshee has reviewed the space sandbox game Drox Operative and weren't too excited.

For the most part, what you do in the game is fly around and shoot things.  There are neutral enemies in each sector, so you don't have to involve yourself with the factions if you don't want to.  You can just kill neutral enemies (including special boss ships and structures) and complete quests for the factions, and as long as you don't ally yourself with anybody or go to war with anybody, the factions largely ignore you.  That means it's easy (but sometimes time-consuming) to win each sector.  You can just hang around and wait to see which faction is going to dominate, and then do things (like complete quests for them, kill their enemies, and protect their planets) to curry their favor and gain an alliance with them.

There are a variety of quests available in the game.  Factions ask you to kill things, explore planets, rescue stranded ships, deliver goods, and more.  Each faction planet is basically a shopkeeper, and deliveries require you to buy an object from one planet and then FedEx it to another.  I found the delivery quests to be a bit tedious (and at odds with action RPGs) so I mostly avoided them and focused on the quests to hunt down enemy ships.  Conveniently, the game makes it straightforward to see which quests are available in the planetary system that you're currently in, and so it's easy to scroll through and select the quests you want to tackle.  But you have to be quick.  Sometimes factions complete quests on their own.

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