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ELEX - Artwork, Screenshots

by Aubrielle, 2016-07-08 06:27:54

New artwork and screenshots have emerged for ELEX.

Over the past several days, the team at Piranha Bytes has been busy cranking out pairs of artwork and screenshots depicting the raptor, mech, and jackal on the official ELEX Facebook page. Each pair is also accompanied by a paragraph description, which I'll quote in the same order below:

Among the residents of Magalan, the Raptor is just as well known for his frightening appearance as he is recognized for his hazardous nature. He is protected by strong scale armor that is hard to penetrate. His razor sharp teeth serve just one purpose, to rip up the inside of victims!


The Mech is a construct of deadly technology that, once in action, is bringing devastation in its wake. He is protected by strong armor and is equipped with an arsenal of weapons for him to be able to react to every combat situation. Anyone who faces a Mech quickly recognises, that he wouldn't want to make an enemy of him!


The Jackal has a very good ear, sharp claws and is littered with dirt and scars. Although there are a few domesticated examples, you should approach them with caution.

Source: GameBanshee

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