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ELEX - Interview with PB @ GC 2015

by Hiddenx, 2015-08-08 11:04:37

Pinranha Bytes devs (Björn & Amadeus) interviewed by Rocket Beans TV at GC2015:


Codex member vonAchdorf has made a short summary of this German only interview:

  • both piranha bytes guys would like to see Fallout 4 at Gamescom
  • the interviewer took 1 week off for the Fallout 4 release
  • ELEX users lose their emotions and become more rational and cold
    • which means their moral system isn't based on good vs. evil, but "human / emotional" vs. "machine-like / cold"
    • even a serial killer hobo can save the world and will be celebrated (getting the "good end")
  • fantasy (?) guild can use ELEX without the side effects ("mana")
  • one big continent (no islands, no loading screens)
  • no level scaling for enemies (taking the wrong turn may kill the player)
  • leveling is in, XP is in, learning points can used at teachers to get / increase skills
  • ELEX causes mutations (animals, plants, humans)
  • screenshots start at 12:30
  • desert, swamp, forest areas
  • vertical exploration (e.g. with a (ELEX fueled) jetpack)
  • other than in the article mentioned above, they'll only have 3 factions
    • Clerics (technological advanced, don't use ELEX as a drug, only as fuel to keep their bodies and minds pure)
    • Outlaws (Mad Max like anarchistic bandits which collect the "old" technology for makeshift improvisations like chainsaw swards and harpoons)
    • didn't talk about the 3rd
  • one-handed swords, two-handed swords, sword shield combat
  • romances are in
  • home base confirmed
  • You start as an emotion-less ELEX consuming walk(war?) commander of one of the high tech factions who's glider gets shot down and lands in the middle of nowhere, where he lies for three weeks, ELEX withdrawal causing him to tan and feel emotions for the first time in his life. The free people hate you, because you waged war against them, your own faction hates you as well.
  • crafting
  • combat system will be more complicated and less causal friendly than R2/3
  • few boss battles, less than R3's because boss battles are a QTE which they want to avoid and it impacts player freedom (artificially locked "boss arenas")
  • they like power-lines
  • team is mostly R3's
  • theft and murder has consequences
  • NPCs have a daily routine
  • stealth is in
  • no classes, pick your own skills based
  • release planned for Q4 2016

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