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ELEX - Interviews

by Myrthos, 2015-09-01 17:49:05

Our Eye spotted a few Elex interviews. The first is at Gamepressure.

here is huge fanbase for your series like Gothic – especially in Europe – people are constantly looking for something new concerning your games. Did you ever consider continuing with Gothic series or was Elex your primary goal?

When you ask three people what was the great thing about Gothic, you get five opinions. The central term you always hear is “because of the atmosphere of the game it was so good”. We analyzed all previous titles and we think there were many mind-blowing situations in the game. We want to put all of these cool situations together in one game now. And the reason why we don’t do another Gothic title is that we want to do Elex.

So you’re combining everything that was best in these games?

Yeah, but it is in a completely new context, because sci-fi elements and post-apocalyptic elements make it so interesting and challenging for us. We put it in a hybrid, a setting that we call science-fantasy. So far we made computer games in a fantasy setting, now for seventeen years or something. We think it’s time for a completely new start. If we were to do another Gothic title, we feel like we’re in a closet. Many fans also have their own expectations about what Gothic is all about – you have to implement Xardas, you have to implement Milten, and so on. The expectations that you have to fulfill are so high that we say “no, we want to have freedom to decide what to do”, and Elex is the answer to that.

And there is an interview in German with Nordic Games at Redbull Austria, which you could try to read with Google Translate.

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