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ELEX - Released: More Reviews

by Hiddenx, 2017-10-17 20:36:02

ELEX has been released - here are two more reviews:

Launch trailer:

ELEX Launch Trailer



Elex Review: A World of Unfulfilled Potential

The world of Magalan seemed interesting; the hybrid of science fiction, fantasy and post apocalypse was intriguing, and, well, I just happen to love open world RPGs. Playing the game, however, my excitement turned into disappointment and puzzlement; from unfulfilled promise to mismanaged expectations, the final product is not only lacking in polish but has an abundance of head-scratching design decisions.


Despite my issues with the game though, my time with Elex isn’t over just yet. I do enjoy the world and the concept, so I am willing to see what else the game has to offer in this respect. It’s just unfortunate that the game’s combat and presentation haven’t received as much attention. Elex needed much more time in the oven to be the game its promising previews made it seem to be, and with the dearth of games available this winter, I can’t recommend it to anyone but the most hardcore fans of the genre.

Score: 60%


Elex Review – A Massive Action RPG With Something Missing

Elex is kind of an odd duck. An ambitious open-world experience that hopes to marry each of the dominant game settings into a single world, Elex asks what happens when fantasy and sci-fi duke it out for ultimate supremacy. While the premise is presented in a surprisingly digestible format, there are some notable flaws in the execution that prevent this title from reaching the heights at which it aims.


I gaze upon the vast tangle of interconnected systems bristling inside this game and I recognize that I am not the target audience. In spite of my boundless patience and unusual fascination with pointless minutiae, the measured pace of this game failed to grip me. I know that others will take great pleasure in the hours-long journey required to master this world and each of its factions. Certain kinds of players take immeasurable joy in solving a nested series of hidden puzzles before each and every step of real progress forward. The subtle branching and division in the conversation trees will tickle the fancies of many gamers. I can’t muster the same enthusiasm, however. I’ve been spoiled and fattened off the streamlined systems of western RPGs. I prefer clearly-laid paths or total freedom, with little love for what lies between the two. Elex demands a certain species of patience, a particular brand of mental acuity. I realized what sort of work was required to attain power and success within the confines of this game and I recoiled in horror. There was never any confusion as to what would allow me to succeed. It was always plain as day what I was doing wrong, and equally obvious what I had to do right. Yet I found no joy in the undertaking. Others may yet crack Elex open to feast on the succulent rewards inside. I will not be among them. If you’re looking for a sizable action RPG with a host of systems to master, Elex may be exactly what you need. Be warned, though: I went in with similar hopes and was left somehow wanting.

Score: 65/100

The reviews show that ELEX is not made for casual gamers. The reviewers today expect handholding, questmarkers and a 'nice' difficulty curve.

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