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Fable: Anniversary - Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 2014-02-03 12:48:29

Here are some reviews for Fable: Anniversary that is to be released shortly. The review scores range from 6 to 9.

Metro, 6/10

If you’ve never played any of the games before though, or perhaps just one and not the others, Fable Trilogy is also released this week and includes Fable Anniversary, Fable II, and Fable III. The latter two aren’t altered in any way but on a technical level they don’t particularly need it.

What all three could do with though is something to address the intrinsic shallowness of the gameplay. Although playing the first one again it’s clear that’s never really been Fable’s primary focus. Instead it tries to offer a more human and personal experience for a role-playing game, and in that sense it still has disappointingly few peers.

IGN, 8/10

Fable Anniversary’s personality has proved truly ageless, even if some of its mechanics haven’t. Inevitably, its doesn’t feel as fresh today as they did in 2004, but the strange and beautiful world of Albion, with all its weird idiosyncrasies and wildly varied accents, is as absorbing and lovably, peculiarly British as it ever was.

Life at the Moment, 9/10

Fable Anniversary is an outstanding version of the original game. If the new console generation can live up to the ambition and imagination this title showed a decade ago theneverything is going to be alright.

And as it takes too much time to quote them all, here is a summary of some others.

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