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Fable Anniversary - Released on Steam

by Couchpotato, 2014-09-13 03:13:05

Fable Anniversary is now avaiable on Steam with three new DLC packs.

Fable Anniversary is launching on Steam today! We've been working hard since February to not only bring the game to PC but to also make it sound better, look better and most importantly play better than ever before.

With updated sound design, advanced graphics settings and the all new Heroic Mode, we’ve crammed as much spit* and polish into the game as possible. (*not real spit)

*WARNING* - Heroic Mode is really hard! Lionhead are not responsible for any swearing, tantrums or table flipping that may occur during play.

Finally one of the most exciting features we have just announced is official modding support. Shipping with a version of the UE3 Editor, everyone is going to be able to edit any of the existing art and animation in the game. This means that anything our artists and animators can do, you can to. (Can someone please create robot chickens just so we can shut Craig up?!)

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