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Fallout: NV - Nova Arizona Mod

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-17 18:59:06

Couchpotato spotted the Nova Arizona mod for Fallout: New Vegas on Screenrant:

Massive Fallout: New Vegas Expansion Adds New Location, Makes The Legion "More Believable"

Fallout: New Vegas just got even bigger thanks to a massive fan-made expansion that adds an entirely new area that further fleshes out the main story.


  • The Nova Arizona mod aims to expand Fallout: New Vegas by adding quests and lore to improve Ceaser's Legion.
  •  The expansion focuses on Southern territories like Dolan Springs, Solitaire Big Stop, and Newt.
  •  Players should expect a significant delay in completion due to the project's scale and volunteer team.

Fallout: New Vegas is already a massive game, but fans who want to take the experience even further by expanding on the game's story and factions are in luck because a new mod is aiming to do just that. Over the course of The Courier's adventure across the Mojave Wasteland, they'll encounter all kinds of colorful NPCs, many of whom belong to some sketchy groups vying for control of the post-apocalyptic United States. One of the more barbaric is Ceaser's Legion, and while they may come across as pure villains in the base game, Nova Arizona wants to improve them.



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