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Fextralife - Gaming News

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-05 15:57:47

Fextralife summarizes this week's gaming news:

Gaming News – Hidetaka Miyazaki Confirms only 1 DLC, Manor Lords Sold over 1mil, Lost Ark Roadmap

0:00 - Top RPG News of the Week
0:02 - Manor Lord Early Access Sold over 1 million copies
0:56 - Hades 2 Technical Test Finishes and Prepares for Early Access
1:48 - Starfield DLC Confirms Expansion later this year
3:06 - Shin Megami Tensei V Vengeance Story and Gameplay Trailer
4:02 - Lost Ark Unveils Second Part of 2024 Roadmap
5:08 - Rise of the Ronin Surpassed Nioh Saga in Sales
6:05 - Square Enix Suffers Financial Losses
7:11 - Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Will be the Only DLC
9:02 - Dune Awakening MMO Image Leaks

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