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Graal Seeker - Indiegogo Update #8

by Couchpotato, 2014-10-23 05:16:26

Lugludum posted the next Indiegogo Update for Graal Seeker. The campaign has only earned €1,863  of the games €10,000 goal with 11 days left.

Today we will explain you details about the knight character and close combat skills. The knight is an elite warrior guided by the values of loyalty, courage, and honour. He wields a large number of weapons and he is built for close-combat.

You can choose to evolve your knight character with a various range of close combat skills. Some of them will give your knight the efficiency to destroy the armour of your opponents, or increase his damage. Others are more tactical, granting your knight the abilities to force opponents to target him, to stun and interrupt an opponent, or even put an opponent to the ground.

A strong knight can make a real difference in combat with his combo attacks. For example, your knight can tackle his opponent to the ground and then use a special combo attack to perform a deadly blow to the grounded warrior.

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