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Guild Wars - Animation Interview @ IncGamers

by Inauro, 2008-01-09 21:01:41

IncGamers talks to ArenaNet's Heron Prior, Scott Mayhew, Christian Venturini, and Rebecca Coffman about the animaton process in Guild Wars.

Could you describe the different steps in animation? Is there any artwork first?

HP: Each animator has a different process. Some like to sketch out a series of key poses before they start. Some like to look for video reference to study. Some just like to get up out of their chair and act out the motion. Sometimes it’s a combination of all three.

SM: I tend to block in with some pose to pose but end up going with a lot of straight ahead after the timing has been worked out with poses.

CV: Sometimes when an animator is experimenting with new animation techniques, or is given an experimental assignment, they will do a rough animation pass so that the programmers can hook it up and make sure it functions as desired. Once this test is passed, the animator can then dedicate more time to revising and polishing the animations.

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