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Guild Wars - Eye of the North Impressions @ IGN & GameSpot

by Inauro, 2007-07-14 04:37:48

Both IGN and GameSpot have formed some impressions of the upcoming Guild Wars expansion Eye of the North.


Eye of the North includes some of the races that will be playable in Guild Wars 2, including the shapeshifting Norn, magical Asura, the Dwarves, and the Charr. We saw some of the heroes you'll meet along your travels in the expansion like Pyre Fierceshot, a Charr Ranger, Vekk, an Asura Elementalist, and Ogden Stonehealer, a Dwarven Healer. To build reputation and open up new missions and items with each race, Eye of the North will offer some mini-games. The Warlike Norn toss players into a fighting arena where the opponents are characters from previous Guild Wars releases. The Asura, favoring intelligence over brawn, challenge players to a game of Polymoch, a kind of battle chess involving game pieces with elemental properties.


Eye of the North is the first true expansion pack for the series. The chapters, such as Guild Wars: Nightfall, were separate games unto themselves. Eye of the North will require you to have an existing Guild Wars character. If you do, you can explore the relatively high-level content in Eye of the North. It's set on the continent of Tyria, the continent featured in the inaugural Guild Wars, and in many ways it will bring that storyline to a close.

Source: IGN

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