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Guild Wars - Interview @ Games Radar

by Inauro, 2007-06-23 02:58:39

Games Radar talks to Eye of the North Lead designer Ben Miller.

GR: Regarding the new multi-level dungeons, can you tell us how they'll differ from what we've seen in previous Guild Wars campaigns?

Miller: As far as the multi-level dungeons go, probably what a player could think of them as are super cool, redone, epic versions of Sorrow's Furnace. Sorrow's Furnace is only one level, but it's a super huge map. It has distinct areas, it has NPCs with quests that kind of explain the areas and at the time we released it, it had some of the most unique rewards that we had in the game, which at that time, when we did Sorrow's Furnace, we released the unique green items that dropped off of bosses. And we carried that over to Factions and Nightfall… and so it's basically gonna be an expanded, epic version of Sorrow's Furnace and it's going to have some of the most unique loot and experiences that Eye of the North has to offer.

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