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Guild Wars: Nightfall - Hands-On @ HEXUS

by Dhruin, 2006-10-05 23:38:00
The latest Guild Wars: Nightfall <a href="" target="_blank">preview</a> comes courtesy of HEXUS:<blockquote><em>Admittedly, Ia "!ve only briefly played Guild Wars once before, but knocked it on the head due to my old PC not being able to cope. Now I have a nice new gaming rig, so it was only right that I stopped by to test out Guild Wars Nightfall in this weeka "!s recent press preview day. When I say a Sstopped bya ? that's not strictly true. I spent 9 hours embroiled in this fantasy land and can certainly see why millions of fans are so addicted as I battled my way through dozens of missions and side quests, spent some time playing air guitar with the NCSoft staff, slayed dozens of magical creatures, and took a casual stroll along the coastline of the Plains of Jarin.</em></blockquote>
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