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Guild Wars: Nightfall - Updated Impressions @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2006-10-05 01:29:00
From a few days ago comes GameSpot impressions of Guild Wars: Nightfall that offers input from Jeff Strain on "Heroes, Quests, and Setting":
One of the things that ArenaNet was hearing from the fans was that Guild Wars was almost too fast a game at times. There was so much emphasis on running from battle to battle that there wasn't a lot of time to, figuratively, stop and smell the roses, see the sights, and so on. Things only got faster with the introduction of Guild Wars Factions' faction war, which pits guilds against one another in a persistent online war for territory. The focus, once again, was more on battles than on exploration. So the focus in Nightfall is less on constantly battling and more on adventuring in a beautiful and vibrant world. Nightfall will introduce traditional-style quests, complete with traps and puzzles. The idea is to feature not only combat, but also interactivity with the environment. These quests are being designed for groups, but you can still pursue them even if you're playing by yourself. That's because of another nifty new feature in Nightfall: heroes.

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