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Guild Wars - State of the Game @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-04-16 23:59:32

This week's State of the Game article looks at collapsing guild hall tactics.

In a tactical context, collapsing means pinching and trapping an opponent between two or more groups of your players. Visualize a scenario where your enemy splits 6/2 and sends six players to the flag stand while two others take a side route to harass your base NPCs. In response you send a split team to drive them out of your base, while the main part of your team engages at the flag stand. When the enemy split team heads for home, rather than letting them rejoin their team, your main group relinquishes flag control to collapse on the enemy splitters and kill them. This type of maneuver wins games because it yields a temporary numerical advantage, often just long enough to gain ground, to inflict death penalty, kill NPCs, and get a morale boost.

Source: ArenaNet

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