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Guild Wars - State of the Game @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2007-11-06 21:19:17

This week's State of the Game introduces Delta Formation, the winners of the October tournament.

Most members of [DF] came from either Team Flamingo [FFs] or Dei Victorae [dV]. Both guilds had often played aggressive split builds on Frozen Isle and were friendly rivals. Over time, the guilds suffered inactivity problems as some of their members were unable to play as often. Eventually, when they repeatedly had trouble assembling a full core team to play in their main guild, members from [dV] began running PUG GvGs in a smurf guild called The Igloo Has Melted [emo]. To fill out the PUG, they began inviting [FFs] players, starting with Yue and gradually including others. Both [FFs] and [dV] had similar play styles, so playing together in [emo] was a fun and easy way for players in both guilds to remain active.

Source: ArenaNet

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