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Guild Wars: Updates @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-06-01 06:56:00
Another day, another slew of updates at the official Guild Wars site.

Guild of the Week #50.
The Orphans of Kukai takes a unique approach to its interaction with the world of Guild Wars. All fifty members of OOK are dedicated roleplayers and remain entirely in-character while playing through the game. By doing so, members of the guild are able to further not only the story of their character, but also their interweaving stories with one another. This has helped create a rich history for the guild. OOK's lore, which they have shared with us below, continues to evolve as the guild grows and expands its presence in the lands of Tyria.
GWFC Highlight Movies.
The quarter finals of the GWFC Season 2 Playoffs offered several exciting matches. You can watch highlight movies from those four matches in our Competitive Section.
Match Report: Season 2 Finals.
With European guilds earning huge upset victories over the top Korean and American guilds in the first round of play, it came as no surprise that the top two European guilds, Esoteric Warriors [EW] and Irresistible Blokes [iB], would end up facing each other in the finals of the Season Two Guild Wars Factions Championship playoffs.

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