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HellSign - Combat Improvements

by Silver, 2019-03-15 12:04:59

A new update for HellSign brings combat improvements.

HellSign v1.0.1.0 Update

15 Mar @ 7:03pm - Ballistic

surface penetration

Greetings hunters, the first combat update is upon us!

Surface Bullet Penetration System
Bullets now pierce light surfaces such as chairs, cabinets and the majority of the interior furniture, but stops at hard surfaces such as floor and wall foundations.
This was added to address the issue of furniture ‘consuming’ shots and adding artificial difficulty to target enemies.

Precision Toggle
Precision aim mode can now be toggled via a single click, and will stay in that mode until you holster/switch that gun.
This allows for smoother play as you can now focus on other things like dodging, reload, etc.
This setting is on by default, and we highly recommend veteran players to give it a few minutes to get used to it, however we’ve included an option in settings to change it back to the old “hold” mode.

Crosshair Revamp
The crosshair is now more distinct (previously was hard to see on white surfaces).
It also has its own size options in the settings. (to prevent tiny crosshairs in hardware mode).



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