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HellSign - Gameplay Previews

by Silver, 2018-11-14 09:46:39

HellSign was released onto Steam Early Access recently and a couple of sites have previewed it.


Hunting missions are where HellSign really shines. They’re lethally dangerous for an unprepared hunter, and they require you to really make use of all the extra bits and pieces you can purchase. As you uncover clues in these areas, you’ll learn more about what you’re facing and what its weaknesses are, and thus you’ll figure out whether you need to set up UV lights to weaken it, or propane tanks for massive explosive trauma. Will silver bullets be effective, or incendiary rounds? And while you’re figuring this out, you can expect tentacles to slither out from the ground or doors to grow mouths.




Here is a look at HellSign gameplay from the PC version after some hours playing and getting to grips with the systems on offer. This is an action role playing game with paranormal elements and investigations. Releases on Steam Early Access November 9th 2018.

Thanks Farflame!

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