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I Shall Remain - Initial Impressions @GWN

by Myrthos, 2015-09-01 17:39:27

Geeks with wives have some impressions of I shall Remain to share with us.

I’ve spent a couple of hours in I Shall Remain, an indie release from developers Scorpius Games. My overall feeling is that it takes more than two hours to hit a point where you are truly comfortable with this title. Released for the PC via Steam on August 24th, the game has been in development for the past 3.5 years, including a good chunk of time in Steam’s Early Access program.

There are quite a few rough edges that make me feel that this title is not for everyone. At first glance, it will make you think that is similar to Diablo. It is a barely isometric action RPG, but this is not about point-and-click to move your character. Yyou use your keyboard to do that. That control scheme has a slight impact on combat, especially in boss battles. It makes some of the challenge just effectively moving your character around a cluttered environment while managing weapons switches, grenade throws, dropping mines, and running away from bosses that have ranged weapons or very long reach. I unintentionally glitched out of having to fight the first boss and defeated the second, but neither fights were easy and some of both got frustrating at times. The environment can definitely be used to help defeat a boss, as they can be cordoned into single approaches and tight corridors where they cannot get to you very quickly given the size of the two I have seen so far.

Thanks Eye.

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