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King Arthur: Legion IX - Review

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-12 20:46:53

Gamereactor checked out King Arthur: Legion IX:

Review: King Arthur: Legion IX

Neocore has returned to Avalon for a standalone expansion of the Knight's Tale format that revolves around an undying Roman legionnaire unit.

Very few games have managed to completely sell me on them with a cinematic video. More often than not, the glitzy non-gameplay presentation doesn't do much for me to develop excitement for a game, but that wasn't the case with King Arthur: Knight's Tale. The dark and gritty clip of England's most famous fictional monarch drew me in, and ever since I've been a big fan of NeocoreGames' strategy title. For all of its challenges and vices, King Arthur: Knight's Tale entertained me more than enough when I properly reviewed it two years ago, and now the time has come to effectively return to that game.


The best way to describe King Arthur: Legion IX is that it's just more Knight's Tale, because there's not enough truly unique and fresh elements to make this game stand out above or beyond its predecessor. That's not exactly a bad thing, because Knight's Tale is a pretty competent strategy game, but you can't help but wonder is Neocore could have taken a few extra risks in a gameplay or design sense with this follow-up to make it stand out and thrive instead of feeling like an extra appendage attached to the original game.

Score: 6/10

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