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Legends of Ellaria - Beta is Live

by Myrthos, 2018-02-05 12:19:33

As the title says, the beta for Legends of Ellaria is now a thing.

Please contact us if you volunteered and didn't get the message or if you want to participate in the beta testing.

What’s new in BETA 2:

  • Completely overhauled the sky and weather system, improved its performance and graphics
  • Temporarily removed VSync
  • Improved 20% of the texture and memory usage. Much more to come.
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain would be flat or have flat portions
  • Improved the camera’s processing and post effects, and its performance
  • Completely rebuild the Pathfinder system; NPC goes smoother and smarter from place to place.
  • Completely rebuild the follower system; Followers move in an organized formation when possible, and stick with their leader in tight places
  • Followers can now follow you indoors. When you enter a dungeon, 3 of your best soldiers will go in with you.

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