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Legends of Ellaria - Dev Roadmap & New Closed Beta Version

by Silver, 2019-02-06 19:48:32

The latest update on Legends of Ellaria shares progress made and the dev road map.

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Dear Legends of Ellaria players,

We're excited to announce a NEW closed-beta version, containing more over 100 fixes and Improvements. These improvements are based on your bug reports, feedbacks and long-planned improvements, along with a new sound system, improved combat AI and visual corrections.

Also, We would like to share with you Legends of Ellaria RoadMap[]
which details our time schedule on important features such as World Domination, Multiplayer, Necromancer and more. The order and date of these features may change, and we will update this list as we develop these features.


Version BETA 1 Contains the following

Combat Improvements

  • NPC use tactics depending on their training, including flanking and changing weapons to match yours
  • NPCs are less likely to shoot an ally while aiming at an enemy
  • Improved NPCs animations
  • Citizens reacts to you when you attack them in Casual
  • Getting killed dispells all shields and summoned creatures
  • Reduced Mana from x10 per Spirit to x5 and reduced all spells by half so that mana potions and apparel will be more effective.
  • Added Rage skill mechanics

Sound Improvements

  • Created a new sound system for ambient and sound effects
  • Added multiple indoor and outdoor ambient and immersive sounds
  • Improved the footstep sounds
  • Remixed sound volumes and added smoother transitions
  • Rebalanced NPCs greetings, shouts, and taunts depending on the environment and number of NPCs


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Legends of Ellaria

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