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Legends of Ellaria - Development Update

by Myrthos, 2017-03-31 09:06:22

In a short development update for Legends of Ellaria, the following is stated:

We are proud to announce that our inventory system is finally complete! There is a complete set of items, spells, quick equipment bar, and stats system. 

We will now begin to develop our quests to finally bring you an amazing demo! Legends of Ellaria is closer and closer to release, and as always we want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting us from the beginning, we will keep working hard for you.

Furtherrmore a reference to an article on their site is provided, with what they think are the 5 best weapons of video games. Here is the one from Fallout:

Fallout is a wonderfully vibrant universe that brings the player in from the very beginning. It also has some great weapons to make sure it keeps your interest. The best of these weapons is the Fat Man.

“The Fat Man is a pre-War heavy weapon that launches mini nukes,” says That’s a pretty apt description. If you thought the many other violent weapons in Fallout were exciting, the Fat Man absolutely tops that list.

The Fat Man might have much worse ammo prospects than most, the devastation it brings more than makes up for it every time, certainly earning its spot on this list, and in the hearts of Fallout fans.

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