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Legends of Ellaria - May Update

by Myrthos, 2018-05-24 10:53:01

There is a new update for Legends of Ellaria, which adds the following:

A New Update is LIVE!

Dear Legends of Ellaria players, 

As you know, we have been working on a new RPG system, fixes, and features in order to enhance your experience in the game. 

Earlier this week, we released a closed beta version (for which if you own a copy of the game you can still join by PMing us on our Discord: with the following features:

1: We now have a first-person mode! Now you can switch from TPS to FPS view anytime you like by pressing "F" or any other key you bind to this action.

2: Added an inverse Kinematic system (applied to NPC's only for now) that makes them move more realistically. 

3: Added a "WASD" keybinding option.

We have now polished some of the new bugs that arose from the renewed game engine, but there will be still some Early Access bugs and fixes, which we will be happy to receive your feedback to solve them! 

Please let us know any thoughts you have of the version through the #beta-tester in our Discord, pressing the F8 bug system in the game, or on steam through our community discussions :).

We will be introducing RPG features very soon in order to build a complete game and a truly epic title in the future just for you.

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