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Legends of Ellaria - Released

by Silver, 2021-04-02 05:45:46

Legends of Ellaria has been released on Steam to a 20% discount.

It's full release day!

Good day ellarians! This is a very exciting day for all of us: after 3 years of hard work on Early Access (and not counting the Kickstarter campaign and the pre-production work before all of this), Legends of Ellaria moves to full release!

We can’t wait to hear about your first adventures on Ellaria, where your strategy, management and exploration skills will be continuously tested. What kind of king will you become? What awesome adventures will you live?

To mark this special occasion, Larkon Studios is hosting a special broadcast to celebrate the release of the game here on Steam. We’ll pay attention to your comments during the stream, as well as to our official Discord server, to make this event a bit more interactive. At the same time, some of our community members will be playing Legends of Ellaria on Twitch, so we’d love you to visit their channels, hear their experiences and share new game tips!
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Gamer 4fun2u

We wouldn't have made it this far without the support, help and feedback of our amazing community. In behalf of the development team, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Ellaria as your new homeland. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we have enjoyed developing it. If you want to help us, please spread the word about Legends of Ellaria -- and don't forget to leave your review in the Store page, that helps a lot!

See you soon, Ellarians!

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