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Lords of the Fallen - Comic-Con 2014 Preview

by Couchpotato, 2014-10-12 08:57:11

Noobfeed posted a short preview of Lords of the Fallen from the NYC Comic-Con.

The demo doesn’t attempt to hold your hand, with nothing more than a small display showcasing the controls on the bottom of the screen you’re plunged into the demo without any tutorials. The first few enemies offer a moderate challenge but with a few well-paced attacks you'll gain access to more powerful hellish creatures. Controls are precise and timing your heavy and light swings is important to landing a damaging blow. Each enemy has a set attack pattern and memorizing these arrangement is paramount to defeating these creatures.

Like Dark Souls your character has a set amount of health, magic and stamina. Attacking, dodging and running all remains stamina and if not properly regulated you’ll find yourself defenseless against the ruthless adversaries that seek your death. Magical attacks are the most powerful offensive abilities but recharge very slowly, perhaps due to the characters equipment. The demo allows the player to customize small pieces of armor but it was limited to a small range of choices. 

Combat is about managing your enemies and attempting to out maneuver them. Properly regulated how many enemies you’re facing, memorizing their pattern, and maintaining your health, magic and stamina is how you succeed in Lords of the Fallen.

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