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Lords of the Fallen - New Q&A @ Game Informer

by Couchpotato, 2015-01-06 04:37:55

Game Informer posted a new Q&A with Executive Producer Tomasz Gop who talks about the up-coming game expansions, and future plans for the game series.

Will the expansion offer anymore in the way of new classes or class variety? New spells?

The expansion is not changing much in terms of character development. There will be new equipment and weapons, but since it will be woven into the actual playthrough (players will access it from within the game), we decided not to implement new skills into it.

Will the expansion include fixes for many of the technical issues that cropped up in the core game? Will the expansion be more rigorously prepared to avoid any serious technical problems?

We are releasing the game patch before the DLC, so we are planning to fix most of the issues even earlier. Still, together with the expansion’s release we do plan to include as many general game fixes as possible of course.

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