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Lords of the Fallen - Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-10-06 06:10:31

Here is another preview roundup for Lords of the Fallen from this week.


Lords of the Fallen is out at the end of October and there is definitely a lot of promise there and even though I’ve heard positive things from other people that have played it, I can’t ignore the level of technical hiccups I saw in the demo. It could be that the demo was an old build and the main game will be fine, however I would not be shocked if a patch is released prior to release or very soon after release. Problems aside it promises to be entertaining for fans of Dark Souls that need a new action RPG to sink their teeth in to.


It excited us for some of the same reasons we love the Souls games, and equally so because of its differences beneath the surface, and could be one to watch whether you're a fan or a detractor of From Software's work.

The Sixth Axis

Overall Lords Of The Fallen is shaping up to be a good Souls-style game, though I’m not sure there is enough to really differentiate it from that series. Then again I don’t know what else the game has in store past the demo stage. Though it does appear to play well and offers a challenge, the issue with the camera has to be addressed before launch, otherwise it really will detract from what could be a good game. If you’ve got an itch for another tough challenge, then keep an eye on Lords Of The Fallen.

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