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Mechajammer - Gangs of Calitana: Agro-Fax

by Redglyph, 2021-10-11 11:36:03

Mechajammer gets a new dev update.

Gangs of Calitana: Agro-Fax

Here's another installment of the series where we look into the factions and syndicates of Mechajammer

Biological research and development on the colony is dominated by the Agro-Fax syndicate. Agro-Fax is spread across multiple worlds, aggregating many bio-forms to add to its database of research and end products.

From chemical agents to dietary pills, feeding armies to feeding millions, Agro-Fax's presence is ingrained in the lives of the inhabitants of many off-world colonies.

In the colony city of Calitana, Agro-Fax is headquartered in their signature bio-domes, geological research facilities on the outskirts of the city. Surrounded by fields of crops and greenhouses, the domes house the Research and Development teams behind their innovative product lines.

Before Agro-Fax streamlined food production, the people of their colonies were at the mercy of the elements, famine, drought, weather patterns, and especially the war. But at the present, their technological advances in foodstuffs ensure food security, even if that food is a canned mixture of insect protein and synthetic vitamin matter.

You may learn more about Agro-Fax as you progress across Calitana but for now, stay tuned for more dives into the lore of Mechajammer and feel free to join our Discord.

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