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Mechajammer - Update 1.1

by Hiddenx, 2022-03-24 19:40:18

Mechajammer got a major update:

Mechajammer | The Refracted Update is Live!

The definitive Mechajammer experience is here...

Mechajammer: The Refracted Update has arrived.

Back in December, when Mechajammer first launched, we had a good few things to get on top of — overpowered PTSD character flaws, anyone?

Since then we have released 8 patches for the game, introducing a slew of updates and improvements. During that time we have adjusted game balance, fixed many launch bugs players were facing, added many additional weapons, armour, vehicles and character customisation features.

Refracted - a mammoth 1.1 Update to the game - finishes our roadmap and aims to bring you the complete Mechajammer experience. There's new quests, skateboards, new vehicles, weapons and a lot of polish.

If you've been waiting for the perfect time to jump in: it's now.

Let us know how you find The Refracted Update over on the Mechajammer Discord! We have puzzle-solving and character sheet channels now! We have also written a new guide to accompany the Refracted release, with a wealth of new insights, details and solutions.


Here's the full patch notes: 


Thanks Redglyph!

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