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Medieval Dynasty - Interview @ Game Rant

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-01 14:10:06

Game Rant talked with Render Cube's producer Marcin Warszawski and marketing manager Kamil Judasz about Medieval Dynasty:

Interview: Medieval Dynasty Devs Talk Survival Gameplay, Major Updates, and Co-Op

Game Rant chats with Render Cube developers about Medieval Dynasty's most significant improvements, the team's inspirations, and more.

Medieval Dynasty was an early access success when it debuted back in 2020 and has since steadily grown its fan base along with its list of features as the developers have continued supporting the game with meaningful updates. Perhaps most significantly, the game recently implemented a highly-requested co-op mode so players can work together in this cozy medieval life sim that melds survival gameplay with city-building mechanics.

In the wake of the new co-op update, Game Rant interviewed Render Cube's producer Marcin Warszawski and marketing manager Kamil Judasz about how Medieval Dynasty has evolved over the years, the challenges the team faced in the game's early days, what they feel makes a great survival game, and lots more. The interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Q: Medieval Dynasty has received an impressive number of updates and support post-release. What do you feel have been some of the most impactful changes since the game's debut?

Warszawski: Well, there are some obvious picks, like the console update that allowed us to expand our player base to more platforms than just PC. The recently published Co-Op (for now, still only on Steam) many players were waiting for helped our community grow as our players dragged their friends and family into the world of Medieval Dynasty. Maybe a bit less obvious thing would be the moment we added a third-person perspective, whose main goal was to eliminate the problem of people struggling with nausea due to head-bobbing.


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