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Miasma Chronicles - Review @ Softpedia

by Hiddenx, 2023-05-24 15:01:30

Softpedia checked out the tactical RPG Miasma Chronicles:

Miasma Chronicles Review (PC)

Miasma Chronicles borrows a lot of heavy topics that have been making headlines in recent years, such as pollution and global warming. Set in a post-apocalyptic America, Miasma Chronicles presents one of the possible outcomes of a world already lost to these major problems. In this case, it’s a mysterious force called the “Miasma” that takes over the entire America.

You play as Elvis, a young mechanic who is arduously trying to get to his mother who left when he was just a few years old with a cryptic message. She’ll be waiting for him behind a Miasma wall that can only be opened using a special glove that she left with him.


The Good
Varied combat options
Real-time dynamic stealth mechanic
Compelling story
Interesting Miasma powers
Solid turn-based combat system

The Bad
Some frustrating ambush encounters
Needs more bottles

It feels like the folks at The Bearded Ladies have taken everything they’ve learned from Mutant Year Zero and put it all in their new game. Miasma Chronicles is a much better designed tactical adventure with a more appealing story. Despite the tongue and cheek writing, the game is more serious than Mutant Year Zero.
The only issues with the game are the same that plagued Mutant Year Zero at launch too. Pathfinding is mediocre and there are some occasion glitches preventing you from looting items. Many times, during the stealth phase, the characters I don’t control would stand up as soon as I switch between them allowing the enemy to discover my team. Thankfully, these are just minor issues that don’t detract from the overall gameplay experience.

Miasma Chronicles is one hell of a ride from start to finish. Although the package comes with a compelling story, my number one enjoyment was to find new ways to finish a fight faster since I treated these as puzzles with complex solutions. If you love turn-based games, Miasma Chronicles is a must-play.

Score: 85/100


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