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New Arc Line - Where Magic meets Steel

by Hiddenx, 2024-02-08 21:18:22

Magic and mechanics don't go along well in New Arc Line:

New Arс Line: Where Magic Meets Steel

"Welcome, travelers from the Old World… and beware!"

You are about to step into New Arc, a city where the arcane and the mechanical don't simply coexist but, in fact, clash in an epic struggle for supremacy; two titans on the edge of a cliff, each trying with all their might to throw the other off. A precarious balance that could be toppled by even a small push from an unexpected direction. Every nook and cranny whispers secrets here, and every step you take could either drown you in trouble or shower you in gold.

Magic vs Mechanics: When Worlds Collide

Forget everything you thought you knew about magic — in New Arc, it's not just a bunch of spells, cantrips and incantations. Here, magic is a faith, a bona fide religion with various branches and sects, each vying to pull you into their embrace. And the technologies? These range from billowing steam engines to bone-shaking electromagnetic gadgets. It will be up to you to select which you master, how you use them to change the world around you, and which side you join. Will you endeavor to make New Arc a technologists' utopia or help the magic users reshape it into a haven for the arcane arts?


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New Arc Line

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