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No Rest for the Wicked - Preview

by Hiddenx, 2024-04-20 18:21:57

TSA checked out No Rest for the Wicked:

No Rest For The Wicked is a dark and dangerous addition to the action RPG genre

Accompanied by strains of vocal-led orchestral music, the Moon Studios title rises into view. For many, this is reason enough to sit up and take notice of No Rest For The Wicked. For the studio behind the sublime Ori series, a visually arresting and emotional pair of platformers, this is the tricky third album: a new IP, a new direction, and a launch into Early Access along with it. Taking a swing at the action RPG genre, there’s echoes of From Software alongside Diablo here, and yet, Moon Studios’ enigmatic outlook shines through. On first impressions alone, there’s nothing to be worried about for fans of the studio – excusing the decadent horrors that lie within.


Thanks Couchpotato!

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No Rest for the Wicked

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