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Pantheon - Interview @ GamePedia

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-22 04:38:24

GamePedia had the chance to interview Visionary Realms Director of Public Relations   Benjamin de la Durantaye, and Chief Information & Operations Officer Tom Sampson.

The interview talks about their MMO Pantheon, crowd funding, and website features.

Two of the main Pantheon tenets that Tom, Ben, and the rest of the VR Team look forward to bringing back are a sense of adventure and community bonding. Once considered essential ingredients in early MUDs and MMOs, the folks at VR believe some of these important early online gaming tenets were lost during the last decade of MMO evolution. Danger, intrigue, curiosity, and a sprawling unknown landscape to explore will bring back some old magic to the gaming veterans of the late 90s, and give the newer generations of gamers an adventure unlike any they have experienced in recent MMOs.

“Within a few years after EverQuest was released, the total number of MMO players numbered under one million. Now we've got this nearly 400 million strong world-wide player count, half of which are paying something to play, and most of whom have never experienced a game that require grouping and making friends in order to get ahead and overcome obstacles. In every modern MMO that comes to mind, players can either solo play their way to the top, or get automatically put in groups and instantly teleported across the game world in order to experience nothing special, and all without ever even introducing themselves or taking the time to make friends. For most modern MMOs, it’s all about the destination, and the player’s journey has been simply reduced to fly-over content. Pantheon is now, and will continue to be about the journey, a challenging adventure you will need to make with friends new and old in order to survive. We want to not only satisfy our core community of fans who have been waiting a long time to take this journey with us, but to also bring back some of the old challenges that we think were lost along the way, and to also offer an entire generation of newer gamers a challenge the likes of which they have never seen.” Tom told us these words about recreating challenge and mystery, while discussing how sensible physics, a great user interface, spectacular visuals, and intuitive player controls are also extremely important components of Pantheon.

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