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Pantheon - Kickstarter Updates# 43 & 44

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-13 04:15:55

Visionary Realms has posted multiple updates once agian for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. As usual links and a short description of each oneare below.

Update #43 - The Vrilaska (The Lost)

The Lost: that is the Vrilaska, a reptilian humanoid race that walked Terminus in the early days following the Planar Collisions. These were amphibious warriors of great agility and strength. Their martial talents extended far beyond their cast iron weapons, often wielding their tails and talons just as effectively. A spiritualistic race, they paid homage to their ancestors and often communed with them for guidance. The Vrilaska on Terminus were some of the earliest to arrive and the first to become lost. Their small world was one of mangrove and marsh, the land they called the Spirit Marsh

Update #44 - The T'Jinn (The Bound)

The Bound: that is the existence of the magical entities called the T’Jinn. These beings are magic given sentience. Their bodies are composed of arcane particles with an incorporeal humanoid form. They often don complex arcane armor to help contain the magical forces imbued within them, forces that can sometimes create adverse effects to those around them. By the same powers that destroyed and rebuilt the universe, the T’Jinn were given life.

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