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Pantheon - Next Weekly Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-08-26 05:52:25

Visionary Realms Brad McQuaid posted a new update for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Ok, the movie is not going to be ready by the weekend; maybe Tuesday... The team is working VERY hard, but there's 'too hard' and I don't want to see people get burned out. That said, here's a bunch of shots showing what we're working on, namely zoning, population (from the database -- truly data-driven), and putting some of the UI elements back in.

Once we have a couple populated zones (which will happen in the next couple of days) and once we've made a movie for you guys, the next step is NPC AI, movement, and pathing. Then after that, combat. So we are making HUGE measurable forward progress. That said, the screens I'm sharing have visual glitches in them and such, so please always remember we're still very much in development and pre-alpha Thanks I hope you enjoy them anyway -- I'm excited because it's really starting to look like a game!

The screenshots are from Halnir Pass and Mah'rela Island. Then there's two in-unity shots of the Weeping Isles. And then one shot from the database showing all the mobs and their x,y,z,rotations for you tech-heads.

(ps. yes, I know the majority of assets were purchased -- please read my earlier posts and blogs regarding this).

-The Pantheon Team

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