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Pantheon - Update# 19, Armada and Archway

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-27 04:37:56

Visionary Realms has posted a new update for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen with information on the cities of Armada, and Archway.


Resting in the deadly waters of the Bloodflow Sea is the ragtag floating city of ships called Armada. First built as a secret trade port for pirates and rogues, this city has become a safe haven for anyone smart enough to find it and foolish enough to go. Its markets are often filled with rare trinkets of lost worlds, many swallowed up by the seas. This nautical hideaway may be dangerous and lawless, but it does abide by the Code of Marauders, a very vague set of laws that often seem to be in flux. Only those who serve the infamous mariner, Keelhaul the Pirate are immune to walking the plank, a near hourly form of entertainment. Deep below the shark infested waters of Armada is said to be an ancient fortress whose wards are so powerful that it has kept the sea at bay for centuries and helps to form part of the cities more secret chambers.


Resting in the western shores of Kingsreach is the majestic city of Archway. It gains its name from the titanic arch that spans over the Tears of Hydronus, a water god whose final stand against the forces of Oranthel formed the area. Sitting atop the crown of the arch can be found Trident Castle, the throne of the Human Triundan Empire. Over time, this city has grown to become a major trade port for much of the Continent of Celestius and the small outer isles of the Bounty Sea. Having been forged on the unification of three Human pantheons, Archway boasts the largest and most diverse arcane institute, the Athenaeum of Arcane Studies and Auxiliaries. It is also home to the largest army north of the Falmyrys Forest. With the valiant King Kaedryn the IV as its ruler, Archway stands as a beacon of valor in the world of Terminus.


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