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Pantheon - Kickstarter Updates #20 & 21

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-28 02:30:27

Visionary Realms has released two more updates for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Update #20 - "Watch Vu Create on and Brad Does an AMA"

Brad's on Reddit for an AMA

Brad tweeted the other night that he created an account on Reddit. We can all guess what that means, and your guesses are right (well, most of your guesses. Some were really bizarre.) Brad will be doing an AMA this coming Wednesday at 1pm Pacific Standard Time to talk directly with the community, redditors, and random passers-by. You'll want to check this out as he's strapped on his turbo-gloves and is ready to type like no man has typed before.

Watch our Twitter @PantheonRotF as we'll be tweeting the link once it's up.

Reward Grid Updates

Now flowy-er and with 30% more fiber, our reward grid on the front page will make all your reward choosing sessions easier and fat-free. There's a lot of detail in there, so be sure to check it out when you're deciding which reward tier you want to claim.

A /salute from Woody

If you played EverQuest in the early days (and even in the not-so-early-days) you'll certainly remember Woody Hearn of /gu comics fame. In the spirit of a lot of our community here, it was pretty heartwarming to see Woody give us a shout out with another comic. Please go check it out, and send him our thanks for thinking of us. The comic (which is pretty awesome) can be seen at

Vu's on Twitch!

So, cool deal here. Throughout this campaign we've been asking your feedback. And while we got a ton of awesome suggestions, one really popped out to us. So, we've teamed up with the Rob and Dan Show to bring you Vu's master game design skills live over The show airs tomorrow night (Monday) at 4pm Pacific Standard Time. There you'll see Vu creating all sorts of cool stuff in Pantheon and even get to see part of Terminus! While Vu does his Vu-magic, Salim and Ben will be talking with Rob and Dan about the game, and fielding questions from the audience. How cool is modern technology? You can bookmark the Twitch channel by clicking the banner below. See you at 4pm PST Monday!

Update #21 - "The Ogre"

The Ogres are a nomadic race of barbarian behemoths. Nearly twice the size of a man, they are massive brutes with an uncontrollable rage and an anarchist view of the world. They take what they want and respect no one except those of their own clan. With dense muscle that can wield titanic weaponry and thick blubber to mitigate the harsh environment, the Ogre is an imposing figure that will send fear into most men. On Terminus they form small, but powerful raiding clans that have been pillaging the frozen northlands for over a century. If not for their internal clan wars, they would have united and invaded the empires to the south. Whether by choice or exile, some Ogres have begun to migrate to the south in search of mercenary work. With a reputation of brutality and iniquity, they are often shunned at best in communities that tolerate their presence.

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