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Pantheon - Update#47, The Sunken Sanctum

by Couchpotato, 2014-02-16 05:07:19

Visionary Realms talks about the Sunken Sanctum in the latest Pantheon update.

On the Sunken Sanctum

Constructed millennia ago by an ancient race of war wizards, the Sunken Sanctum is a foreboding monument resting deep within the dreadful marshland of ruins called the Wastes. It is a fortress built to contain the greatest treasures of the ancient Celestial Empire, worshippers turned foes of Nexus that have vanished from existence. Filled with the tombs of eternal guardians and sealed with arcane wards, this dark bunker of corrupted reverence has repelled entry by the greatest champions of Terminus. And to those few that entered the abyss and survived, a cursed life was their fate. Only the foolish or desperate dare to brave the Sunken Sanctum.

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SP/MP: Massive
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