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Pantheon - Twitch Stream #2

by Myrthos, 2016-07-04 12:41:14

A new video for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is now available on YouTube, showing the latest game content.

After much glee and celebration of our first stream in March, Visionary Realms is ready to show off all new game content for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. On Thursday, June 23rd, Brad McQuaid, Chris Perkins and John Diasparra took three guests from the Who's Gaming Now network through two hours of gameplay through Black Dagger Keep and into a surprise dungeon. Viewers get a first on-screen glimpse of the perception system some of you may remember from GDC earlier this year. Find out for yourself why MMO gamers are salivating at the promise of a new MMO that remembers the tenets of community, reputation, and cooperation.

(note: the focus has been on gameplay and environments -- the character models and animations are still placeholder -- this is pre-alpha footage.  That said, if you compare to the last twitch stream video, you can see the progress we have made.)


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