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Pantheon - Update# 1, A Big Thank You

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-15 03:38:01

Visionary Realms has posted the first update for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen that talks about new pledge tiers, and says thank you to all backers.

A Big Thank You, New Pledge Tiers, and More

Hello everyone! First I wanted to send a personal thank you to every one of our early backers for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. With the amount of emails and comments I've received over the years about how someone should make a game that returns to the roots of what made MMOs so popular in the first place, I knew there was a large crowd that wanted this game as much as we do. And with these pledges, you're proving that to be true. So, thank you, from the entire team, on getting this show started on the right path. Within 20 hours of launch we had already surpassed the $50k mark, which is commendable - and that's all you!

Also, for clarification to anyone who's wanting to pledge, the amount you pledge will not be charged to your credit card until the $800k goal is reached.

The Purpose of Kickstarter Funding

We've received some questions asking why $800k? Don't MMOs cost a lot more to make? Yes they do. Our intent for this Kickstarter is first to prove that there's enough of a demand for a group focused game that believes in the experience of the game instead of handholding, and to get the ball rolling on development. If we can get to the goal we will have proved that and will have enough to get this game started and be able to get our studio set up and operational. If we only get to the goal and little more, then we will visit other funding opportunities but first and foremost we wanted to make it possible to be completely crowdfunded so that you, the players, have more to do with what goes into the game than other powers would should we need to turn to those options later.

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