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Persona 3 Reload - Review

by Hiddenx, 2024-02-09 17:17:04

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Persona 3 Reload Review: A Remake That Persona Fans Can't Miss

Let’s get right into it. In an industry where remakes and remasters are far from rare, Persona 3 Reload is an absolute masterclass on the idea. As the progenitor of the modern Persona game, Persona 3 was a diamond in the rough at a time when JRPGs struggled with their identity. It seems only fitting that 17 years after the initial US release, and during another similar identity struggle, Persona 3 Reload shows up with a brand new bag.

Persona 3 was a pretty revolutionary game for its time. While not the prettiest game for the time, Persona 3 was a fantastic JRPG that featured some relatively unforgiving combat, a super-long main dungeon, and a lot of micromanagement of your character’s bonds. While the original game’s final act left a lot of unanswered questions, the subsequent releases of the game on the PlayStation Portable and the secret fighting-game sequel helped flesh that out. Persona 3 is one of the rare cases where I've played the same game more than once.

This brings me to Persona 3 Reload. This is the original Persona 3 with highly improved graphics, gameplay, and mechanics. Persona 3 Reload is almost an entirely new game; outside of the story beats themselves, Persona 3 Reload is probably how you remember the original Persona 3 because, man, did Persona 5 perfect the formula!


Persona 3 Reload is, as I said, the absolute textbook idea of what a remake should be. I'm super happy that this generation gets to experience this game and look forward to eventually seeing the same approach to Persona 4 and the Persona 1 and 2 duology. Now I must dive into Persona 4 Arena Ultimax after finishing Reload to take in the whole story! 

Score: 9/10

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