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Piranha Bytes - Distance Themselves from Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods

by Gorath, 2008-11-28 20:40:45

We've decided against posting this last week, but in the light of the upcoming flood of G3:FG newsbits it has to be posted to get the full picture.

Here is Piranha Bytes' / Pluto 13s' full PR (minus the company blurb):

Gothic ® 3: Forsaken Gods released

Essen, 2008-11-21 Today JoWooD Productions Software AG, publisher of our games Gothic II, Gothic – Night of the Raven and Gothic 3 has officially released their new game Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods (date for German market).

We have agreed to their usage of our registered trade mark „Gothic“. However, to avoid any misconceptions about the game itself we have to  state that we have not been involved with its development in any way. All development was done by the India based company Trine Games who have been hired by JoWooD for this purpose.

There has never been any contact between us and Trine Games. We do not know more about the game than anyone else – in fact we have bought our copy of the game at a local retail store only yesterday 20th of November.

Piranha Bytes have been busy developing their upcoming fantasy RPG named “Risen” since 2007.

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