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Piranha Bytes - Risen 3 or Gothic 5?

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-12 03:52:22

Piranha Bytes was given a new developer award, and a site called PC Games has a new video with Project Director Bjorn Pankratz.

In the video we get conformation of new game, but as usual it seems we wont hear more till next year. Now for those of us that don't speak German here is a small google translation.

Finally a sign of life from the RPG specialists at Piranha Bytes that deal with Gothic 1-3 and Risen Risen 2 plus: have made a name for Dark Waters. The latter has clearly distinguished only by an unusual pirates and voodoo setting of the previous Piranha Games and cut in PC Games test with a very good 86 points . So far, there were only rumors surrounding a new Piranha role-playing game, most recently in September ( PC Games reported ).

For the Essenes Studio today's presentation of the German Developer Award in Dusseldorf is almost a home game. Of course, are also members of Piranha teams, including Project Director Björn Pankratz on site. We have intercepted him before the event and pestered for new information. You can tell Björn that he wants to give more details on favorite, but has yet to mention: "I can not say anything because we all have to wait until next year," he told PC Games. "Only this: It is a lot darker than the last We return again to go back to our roots.."

The last date Piranha Game - Risen 2: Dark Waters - was announced in February 2011 and released in April 2012, a year later. If this schedule is used again, much to be said for a release in spring 2015.

"Back to basics" - it sounds more like a new Gothic? After all, the rights to the series are back at Piranha Bytes after Arcania: Gothic 4 was known developed by Spellbound Entertainment for Jowood. Or want to leave you with a Risen, Piranha Bytes 3, the Palm world of Dark Waters behind and build on the dark-oppressive medieval fantasy atmosphere that dominates the team proven masterly?

So what do you all think? A new Gothic or will it be a new Risen game? Smile

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