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Piranha Bytes - Rumors

by Hiddenx, 2024-01-16 16:30:17

Several sites are worried about Piranha Bytes - for example Gamepressure:

Piranha Bytes Has Fans Worried. Disturbing Silence at The Creators of Elex, Gothic

Fans of the Piranha Bytes studio are worried about its future. They cite several disturbing events in recent weeks as the reason.

Fans of the famous series of games, Gothic, Risen and Elex from German Piranha Bytes, are starting to worry about the fate of this team. There are several reasons for this.

  • The studio's official YouTube channel has been silent for almost two months. The last video was published there on November 27th last year. This wouldn't be a concern for other teams, perhaps, but Piranha Bytes has been consistently dropping weekly videos showcasing various studio activities for years.
  • Strange things are also happening to the studio's official website. At the beginning of this year, all information disappeared from it. Currently, there's only a large logo there.
  • For this project WIKI6, most likely being Elex 3, disappeared from the database of the German federal agency, which is responsible for granting subsidies to productions from the gaming industry.


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